Which do you require?

If you are not sure please telephone us to talk through your proposed
purchase so we are able to guide you as to the best survey for your requirements”

Alternatively please read the RICS Leaflet CHOOSING BETWEEN SURVEYS


    Building Survey (formerly known as a full structural survey)  is the most comprehensive survey and report – it is bespoke to your needs with the  report providing a detailed description of the property together with recommendations regarding any remedial action necessary and  future maintenance advice; it supported by photographs to assist with understanding.  If you would like the surveyor to comment upon any particular concerns you have or plans for alterations we ask you to advise us before the survey is carried out and we can arrange for you to meet the surveyor at the property immediately after the survey to discuss these together with any significant issues revealed by the inspection. Our clients find this Post Survey Meeting very helpful. This survey does not include a valuation or insurance rebuild cost estimate as standard



    This survey is regulated by the RICS and the report is issued in a standardised format giving each area a condition rating.  It is a ‘peace of mind’ survey specifically designed for properties of a standard construction with few structural alterations and appearing to be in well maintained condition.  A valuation and insurance build cost estimate is included. It also advises you of questions your legal adviser should ask.



    A Building Inspection for Structure and Damp report is  particularly appropriate if the property is going to be subject to renovation. The report focuses on the structure and dampness of the property only; the inspection and report on these areas is in the same detail as in a building survey.   Cosmetic areas and services are not included eg decorative condition, sanitary ware, kitchen units, heating system.



    The purpose of a snagging report is to ensure that at the time of handover the visible areas of a  new property have been completed to an acceptable standard.  A snagging report is a list of items together with supporting photographs  that should be attended to by the seller/builder prior to handover; it is not a survey it therefore does not comment upon the specification of the property, no service tests are carried out or advice given on maintenance. If a report is required on any of these matters we recommend you commission a survey, e.g building survey or RICS Home Buyers.